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PTMA eCademy

In May of 2015, Pray-Tell Ministries launched it's eCademy for those wanting a deeper understanding of scriptures.


You'll learn the basics of Christianity, discipleship, prayer, the ministry of the Holy Spirit as well as go through the entire bible with an Old Testament and New Testament Survey. 

We are very excited to offer you a home course which will help you grow in the things of God. With your very own Kindle* you can study at your own pace and schedule.  Our eCademy provides you with a fully loaded Kindle*.  You will learn the Basics of the Faith, Discipleship, Prayer, Leadership, The Ministry of the Holy Spirit.   


Our New and Old Testament survey is like none other.  Not only will you gain a general knowledge of each book of the Bible, you'll learn how to find Jesus in each book as well as the ministry of the Holy Sprit in each book.


If you are considering obtaining a license to preach with Pray-Tell Ministries (see our Ministerial Credentials page) you must complete our eCademy or have an equivalent education already.

*"Amazon, Kindle, Fire and all related logos are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates."

*Our eCademy uses the Amazon Kindle

What we believe

We believe in a fully Pentecostal Gospel message. 

Becoming credentialed

What does it mean to be credentialed and how you can become credentialed through Pray-Tell Ministerial Association


Learn how you can enroll in eCademy to satisfy requirements for credentialing or just to increase your understanding of the Bible.

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