Please note that PTM eCademy is non-accredited.  Upon completion you will receive a certificate of completion from Pray-Tell Ministries.  Pray-Tell Ministries accepts completion of the PTM eCademy as meeting our requirements for a License to Preach with our organization. 


PTM eCademy will supply you with a Kindle* loaded with all of our lessons and assignments.  You merely do the required reading and assignments – email the finished assignments to our office and receive any feed back from us as necessary. 


You will go through a survey of each book of the bible, learning how to find Jesus in each of the books (including the OT books), understand the ministry of the Holy Spirit in each book, learn the key scripture verse, the history of the book, the author of each book and many more important facts of each book. 


Assignments (not the same for each book) include essay questions, on the street assignments, and writing sermons. 


Discipleship:  7 lessons on what it means to be a disciple of Christ, as well as one book to read. 

Basics of the Faith:  7 lessons on the basics of our faith.

Prayer:  1 lesson as well as two books to read on the subject (included on your kindle).

Holy Spirit: 9 lessons on the Holy Spirit, as well as two books to read on the subject (included on your kindle). 

A survey of each book of the bible.



One Kindle*  $  50.00 We will provide a fully loaded kindle or you can send us your own kindle for us to load. 

Materials:      $140.00 Lessons, books, assignments (loaded onto the kindle) 

            Kindle*     $  50.00

            Materials  $140.00

                P&H       $    9.95

          Total Cost:  $199.95   

This is a very inexpensive way to get the basics of the faith deep into your spirit.  You’ll end up with a thorough understanding of God’s word, the Prayer life, what it means to be a disciple of Christ and the ministry of the Holy Spirit.  

This course will prepare you for ministry in any form.


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