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PTMA Missions

PTMA has been taking short term mission trips to Uganda, Africa for over 20 years to conduct pastor's conferences.   In 2015 we launched our Pastor's training school called, Kindle College (eCademy in the States).  

These Pastor's have very little by way of resources.  Our ministry provides them with Kindles loaded with over 90 Bible lessons that they must complete in order to graduate. The pastors come to the school several times in one year for an intense week of study.  Once they graduate the kindle becomes theirs as an ever ready personal study source.


We need financial help in order to keep the school running to pay for the pastors room and board while they are studying, as well as to pay for the headmaster.  A $100 donation will buy a pastor in Africa a Kindle.

You can help us in two different ways: Monthly support or a one time donation.  A monthly support form is available for you to download.

Than you for your consideration to support or donate to move this effort forward.


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