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This conference is based on Ron's book,

Pray the you Might Escape

Pray That You Might Escape


Jesus gives several warnings to the church to prepare her for his return. If indeed he is warning us about his return, perhaps there are some things we need to seriously consider about the rapture.    


This conference takes an extensive look into what it means to live as an overcoming Christian.  The apostle Paul talks about the carnal Christian and how he is not living in a way that will allow him to be 'taken up' when the rapture happens.  Are you an overcomer?

Some of the issues covered are:

  • The 5 qualifiers of the Overcomer

  • The Three Classifications of Man

  • The 5 Wise Virgins

  • The Judgment Seat of Christ


...and many more vital aspects of the end times!

4 hour conference

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